Stuff I Worked On 04 - VR Hong Kong Project with Viality Plus

This project was a 3 month contract position working with a VR studio in Hong Kong. The goal of the project was to make a brief cinematic experience for VR.

Company Website

While studying abroad at SCAD’s Hong Kong campus I participated in the Global Game Jam. While there I meet a lot of interesting people and was approached by Viality Plus to collaborate with them for a project that was going to be showcased at Hong Kong VR 2016, the first ever Virtual Reality conference in Hong Kong.

I realized the unique opportunity this presented and joined their team as a Unity 3D Artist. Over the course of 3 months I helped them develop a short interactive horror experience. This experience used a unique form of motion tracking using the Microsoft Kienct to track user movement walking around the space.

Here are some screenshots from that experience below.


During this project I was in charge of modeling and texturing the environment and setting up animations for the character.

The project was showcased at the conference which I had the wonderful opportunity to attend and watch people try out the experience.

I linked some videos below of our demo at the conference, everything is in Cantonese or Mandarin unfortunately.

This video focus specifically on the company I worked with and the project. You can spot me at around the 1:23 minute mark!

Here’s me doing some pre-show testing!

Here’s me doing some pre-show testing!