Textured with a stylized design in mind, while still sticking to real world references of various Winniebego interiors. 
 Concept art I did in Photoshop as a visualization for this environment. The idea behind this scene was to make an alchemy lab set in an urban fantasy setting. 
 Untextured scene in Unreal
 The textures are a mix of hand painted and PBR materils. 
 The interior, although fantastical, still draws inspiration from many real world Winniebego brave layouts. A large amount of detail was put into every asset.
screenshots_export-file_0006_bsns-card-f copy 2.jpg
screenshots_export-file_0004_bsns-card-f copy 4.jpg
screenshots_export-file_0003_bsns-card-f copy 5.jpg
 Interior Wireframes
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